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Henan Road&Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd enjoys special qualification of general contract of highway engineering construction, 4 first level professional qualifications of road bed, road surface, bridge, traffic engineering construction, first level of general contract of industrial and civil construction and the multiple qulafications of highway maintenance, etc. It is the sole large scale building enterprise that has obtained the qualification of operation and contract of external engineering and the transaction permit of before-station engineering construction biding in large and medium railway construction items. Its registered capital totals over RMB3000 million yuan.
Henan Road& Bridge Group, integrating highway, bridge, maintenance, industrial and civil construction, real estate development, energy development, material supply, reconnaissance and design, technical consultation and catering service, is the first business conglomerate among the transportation and construction industries of Henan Province. The Group has 14 branch companies with over 2260 employees and over 1500 sets of constructional machinery epuipment. Since it was established in 2001, it has obtained ISO9001:2000 quality system attestation and passed the renewal of quality system attestation by the third parties for successively 6 years. At present, it has passed ISO14001:2000 Environmental System Attestation and GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health System Attestation.
In recent years, with the concern of the leaders and various fields, based on its integrated strength and excellent construction merit, the Group keeps on developing new markets and has obtained great achievements in external operation. It has successively developed the expressway construction market in Henan Province and other province of autonomous regions including Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan, etc. Up to now, the Group has finished over 680km of expressway and first class highway, over 3530km of second class,or lower,highway, nearly 24,600,000 square metres and over 450 large and medium scale bridges(of which,15 special large bridges and 20cloverleaf junctions). The amount of bid contract totaled RMB1.37billion in 2009. In addtion, centering on special construction industrial chains that have been formed, expanding market and widening operating channel, the Group set up XinYu Construction Limited Company in Wulumuqi, the North Operating Company in Beijing, company branches in Guangdong as well as company agencies in Gansu, Hunan , Chengdu as well as Zhengzhou, etc.
The Group was awarded the Certificate of Qualificition on Overseas Construction Contracting. With the guidence of Regulations of Overseas Construction Contracting of the People¡¯s Repulic of China as well as the related policies and rules. The Group, taking active part in the contracting and construction of overseas engineering, and investigating and demonstrating the engineering construction in Iran, Kirghizstan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Uganda and Angola and so on, signed some agreements with them, and at the same, sent out some technical staff to take part in overseas engineering construction and to gain experience and set up friendly relationships with some well-known enterprises of the countries mentioned above. Overseas market is another bid goal of Henan Road&Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. We will win the credibility of peer groups in the world with our excellent credit.
Since the Group got the Trading License of Railway Construction, according to the policy of ¡°Bring in-Send out ¡±, the Group has hired 23 engineers of professional skills from Railway Construction Bureau and other departments of the railway construction sections. At the same time, we also picked out 36 people of our Group to be trained in the department of HaDa and JingHu Construction of Expressway and Railway. And we also signed purchase  intention of large special equipments with Wuqiao Company and ZhenZhou Zhong Da Company, and so on. The Group bided in Dalian-Ruijin route and Dalian-Baoding before-station construction bid2, Xiamen-Shenzhen railway to Huizhou south section before-station construction bid6, and newly-built Shijiazhuang-Wuhan special line of passenger transport state level construction bid5 and bid6, and all over of them gained good grades, among which, newly-built Shijiazhuang-Wuhan special line of passenger transport(Henan section)before-state construction bid6 was recommended as the second grade of the bid candidate unit.
The successful carry-out of the BT program of the economic and technical development gathering zone in 2009 of our group, marked the turn from engineering construction oriented to general contracting engineering as well as investment in facilities. Always taking ¡°pursing excellence and leading sophisticated technique of construction¡± as the aim of its S&T development, the Group Company has increased investment on innovation, set up special technology R& D instirute, established a team with independent R& D capacity, gradually perfectingthe technology innovation system combining industry, academy and research with enterprise as theme and market as guide to put forth effort in improving construction technique and make it a professtional construction enterprise and was classified as provincial enterprise technological center. TheTechnical Specifications for Construction of Highway Tunnel (JTGF60-2009) and the Tunnel Construction Specification Details (JtGF/60-2009) written by the Group Company have been approved by the Ministry of Transportation and they will be carried out throughout the country on January1, 2010. Especially in the actual practice of construction, the Group has exerted fully its strong technological strength and rich experience of practice, pay attention to the engraftation and innovation with the techniques of its own strong point, actively seek new method, technology and material of construction, continuously organize technological brainstorm with high requipments and start so as to provide strong technological support for improving quality of construction, overcoming construction difficult, resovling new construction problems and construct exquisite engineering. In the past 2 years it received 5 provincial labor law, and 8 national patents.
¡°You reap what you sow¡±. In 2003, the Group was titled ¡°Advanced Enterprise in Construction in Other Provinces¡±, ¡°Top50(5th) Building Construction Enterprises of Henan Province in Integrated Strength¡±, ¡°Excellent Equipment Management Enterprise Among Building Construction Enterprises of Henan Province¡± and was listed in 227 place among the top 1000 enterprises leading in output value in Chinese Building Industry in 2002-2003; in 2004,it was appraised as ¡°Leading Construction Enterprise in China¡±, ¡°Top50(1st)Building Construction Enterprises of Henan Province in Integrated Strength¡±, ¡°Excellent Expressway Construction Enterprise of Henan Province¡±; in 2005, it was appraised as ¡°Enterprise Advanced in Honoring Contract and Valuing Credit¡±,  and was chosen into ¡°2005Top 100 Traffic Enterprises in China¡± and was listed into ¡°National Credit Enterprise¡±; in 2006, the Group Company  was successively appraised as ¡°Excellent Building Construction Enterprise in Xinjiang¡±, ¡°Excellent Building Construction Enterprise¡±, Top 50Building Construction Enterprises of Henan Province in Integrated Strength¡±, and ¡°Excellent Collectivity in Statistics Among the Business Conglomerates in Henan Province¡±. In 2007, it was appraised as ¡°Enterprise Advanced in Honoring Contract and Valuing Credit¡±, ¡°Excellent Expressway Construction Enterprise of Henan Province¡± and ¡°Advanced Building Construction Enterprise in Henan Province¡±; in 2008, the Group Company obtained the reward of May 1st Labor Honorary Certificate of Henan Province in the ¡°Labor Competition Activity of 10 Key Construction Projects ¡± organized by General Labor Union of Henan Province and Commission of Development and Reform of Henan Province, and won the title of ¡°Advanced Team in Construction of Key Projects of Henan Province¡±.
Prospecting to the future , Henan Road& Bridge Group will grasp the chance to improve itself, to establish modern enterprise system, and to develop itself to be market-oriented, professional and large-scale. Based on ensuring the value saving or adding of state-owned assets, it strives to build itself a first class modern large enterprise in China with business involving different industries in different regions of China, even the world.

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